DATANZDA À Propos Impro .3. / 27.03.07

Debatte und Performance Experimente.
Einladung eines internationalen ImprovisationsLehrers. Mit
professionellen Workshopteilnehmern wird unter der Leitung von Alessandro Certini (company blu, Florenz) ein Instant Composition Workshop durchgeführt; die Arbeitsergebnisse werden im Form einer Präsentation mit anschliessender Publikumsdiskussion gezeigt.

" In daily communication we usually use movement and speech in a synchronised way, the rhythm of our gestures support our talking and at the same time the spoken word is related to our movements. When the dancer/actor takes this common language on stage and performs, his/her gestures and words shift to a more complex time/space interaction and extend the expression also into the poetic and evocative world of open forms and musical sounds. In improvisation and especially in a group work, this complexity is amplified and performers create a puzzle of physical interactions. They develop a non linear narrative full of surprising and unpredictable ideas with a dialogue, that in the end, gives life to a clear event which is not premeditated. In the project we will work on this: how to shape an interactive time/space setting in order to create collectively new stories stimulating narratives that grow out of the correlation between body movement and spoken word, giving space to the different performer’s
personalities. " - Alessandro Certini -

photos :
Anne Rosset,
Christian Glaus

Performer :
Jens Biedermann, Ruth Grabher,
Christina Gehrig Binder,
Maria King, Manuel Löwensberg,
Christa Näf, Uta Salewski, Deborah Suhner,
Angela Stöcklin

Moderation : Wolfgang Gerke


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